August 4-7 JSM, Oregon

June 25-29 ISNPS, Braga Portugal

Feburary 1 UF Mathematics department

January 5-8 IMS Asia pacific rim meeting, Melboune, Australia


Dec 22-24, IIT Guwahati, Ramanujan Conference.

Oct 27: Mark C.K. Yang event, Univerwsity of Florida

Oct 10-12, George Mason, ATD Grant symposium.

August 5-10, JSM, Toronto

August 1-3, ECoSta CMStatistics, Tokyo

June 4-6, NESS, Boston

June 1-4, IISA 2023, Golden Colorado


Dec 2022, Bangalore. IISA

Oct 24 Iowa State Department of Statistics colloquium

Sep 26 SIAM MDS 2022, San Diego, September 2022

August 10 JSM 2022, Washington DC Simultaneous inference on time-varying models

July 1 Statfin 2022, ISI Bangalore. Invited talk.

June 29, IIT ISM Dhanbad 29 Special talk as a young statistician on National Statistics Day India

ISNPS, (International symposium on non-parametric Statistics) Cyprus 2020 June Invited talk. Cancelled. Postponed to 2022 Summer


Dec 2021: CFE CMStatistics: Long-term prediciton intervals with many covariates + Organizing a session on multivariate time-series

November 2021: Invited talk at Chennai Mathematical Instutute. Learning dependence independently.

October 2021: Invited posted for NSF NBER Time-series conference, Rice University

October: SRCOS conference. Time-aggregated prediction for High dimensional regression

30 September 2021: University of South Carolina Statistics department colloquium. ARCH/GARCH models: Estimation, inference and forecasting

12 September: International Chinese Statistical Association symposium. Bayeisan time-varying models

July 2021: IIM Bangalore colloquium. Time-varying models for financial data.

June 2021: CMStatistics: Session organizer on multivariate and high-dimensional time-series. Postponed from 2021 Summer

May 2021: Cheenta Statistics. Online talk on time-series for Statistics undergraduates.

March 2021: Univrsity of Pittsburgh. Invited talk at the Statistics department colloquium.

HICSS (Hawaii International Conference on System Science) 54 (peer-reviewed): Hawaii, 2021 January Understanding the Rise of Twitter-based cyberbullying due to COVID-19 through comprehensive statistical evaluation


CFE CMStatistics. Post-regularized prediction intervals for high dimensional VAR process. Invited talk. Virtual 2020 December

Talk at EICC (European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference ) (Peer reviewed) : 2020 November. Evaluating the impact of covid-19 on cyberbullying through bayesian trend analysis

University of Florida Biostatistics seminar Invited talk:2020 August Time-varying models in frequentist and Bayesian regime

One world symposium August 2020. Virtual. Optimal Gaussian approximation and applications.

ISBIS July 2020: (International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics) Invited talk. Cancelled

Spring Research conference, Michigan, 2020 May Invited talk: Cancelled

Texas A&M University. Invited talk in student seminar: April 2020 Cancelled


IISA, IIT Mumbai, Dec 26-30: Invited talk: Post-regularized predictions for high-dimensional VAR models.

CFE/CMStatistics, London, Dec 14-16:, Invited talk: Change point estimation and synchronization for high-dimensional time series

Michigan State University Department of Statistics Seminar, Sept 17, Invited talk: Optimal Gaussian Approximation and its applications.

JSM, Colorado, August, Contributed talk Comprehensive simultaneous inference for multiple trend-seasonal models.

New Researcher conference, Peer-reviewed acceptance: Post-regularized predictions for high-dimensional VAR models

IIM Bangalore, July 12, Invited talk: Simultaneous inference on time-varying mdoels

EcoSta, Taichung, June, Invited talk: Prediction interval for high-dimensional regression

ISF, Thessaloniki, June 15-19: Talk at invited session on SWEET pricing (peer-reviewd) Prediction interval for high-dimensional regression

UCF, Feb 8, Invited talk in ASA Fl chapter meeting: Prediction interval for high-dimensional regression


Calcutta triennial symposium, Dec 28, Simultaneous inference in time-varying models

CFE/CMStatistics, Pisa, Dec 16, Invited talk: Simultaneous inference in time-varying models.

UCSD, Sep 7, Poster: NBER-NSF time-series conference (peer reviewd acceptance) Simultaneous inference in time-varying models

IISA, UFL, May 17, Poster: Optimal Gaussian approximation (Best poster winner)

ISI, Mar 20, Invited talk: Simultaneous inference in time-varying models


UIC, Oct 25, Invited talk: Simultaneous inference in time-varying models


ISI, May 10, Disparity based tests

YSC, Melbourne: Feb 7 Poster. Statistical Methods to identify Clonal variations. 2nd prize winnder


IGM June 24, Mixing proportion in 58 exome

CIAS, Jan 2, Statistical Methods to identify Clonal variations.


ASHG Oct 11: Em algorithm to identify clonal variations

D. Basu: September A review work of Geometric Probability

USPROC: Poster competition 4th prize winner