Journal articles

Karmakar, S., Richter, S., Wu, W. B.; Bahadur Representation and simultaneous inference for curve estimation in time-varying models; submitted. Paper

Karmakar, S., Wu, W. B.; Optimal Gaussian Approximation of multiple time series under dependence; Accepted in Statistica Sinica. Paper

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Karmakar, S., Chudy, M., Wu, W. B.; Prediction intervals in high-dimensional regression; Completed. Paper

Karmakar, S., Cheng, M., Wu, W. B.; Detection and Synchronization for multiple time series, In preparation. Manuscript

Karmakar, S., Wu, W. B.,; Asymptotic theory for time-series with cyclic and trend components, In preparation. Manuscript

Karmakar, S., Wu, W. B.,; Gaussian Multiplier Bootstrap, In preparation. Manuscript

Karmakar, S., Basu, A., Disparity-based Robust Tests for Two Normal Populations; Completed, Paper

Karmakar, S., Ghosh, A.; A uniform framework for robust estimation of time-series classes, In preparation.

Karmakar, S., Chatterjee, S. , Narisetty, N. N.; Risk bounds for isotonic quantile regression, , In preparation.

Karmakar, S.; Risk bounds for shape-restricted inference under temporal and spatial dependence , In preparation.

Karmakar, S., Banerjee, S.; Sequential confidence intervals for linear time-series, In preparation.

Karmakar, S., Sen, B; Multiscale statistics beyond gaussianity and independence, In preparation.